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Q03: What is the default setting of UGL2454-APA?
What are the Access Point operation modes can be used?
What are Telnet services?


Q03: What is the default setting of UGL2454-APA?

The Access Point UGL2454-APA default setting as follows:
IP address setting:
           IP Address:
           Subnet Mask:
           Default Gateway:
Login management user interface:
           User Name: admin
           Password: (no password)
Wireless LAN settting:
           SSID: default
           Channel: 6
           Rate: Auto
           Security Level: Open System / WEP Disabled

The default settings are used from factory setting, convenient for your gain access control of the first time setup.
Please change to your network configuration requirement for secure and normal operation.
If you reset the access point back to factory default, the above value can be used to connect again.


Q02: What are the Access Point operation modes can be used?

The default of UGL2454-APA is an Access Point for wireless clients to connect to each other and to wired LAN.

There are other modes can be sued:
1.Point to point bridge: Two UGL2454-APA can connect two separate LANs by wireless LAN. In PtP mode, the UGL2454-APA can no longer accept wireless clients to connect. Only LAN clients connect to the other LAN. Setup need to specify “Remote AP MAC Address” for secure connection.
2.Point to multi-point bridge: Maximum of eight separate LANs can be connected by UGL2454-APA in PtMP mode. Setup need to specify up to eight “Remote AP MAC Address” for secure connection.
3.AP Repeater: In this mode, UGL2454-APA can be used to repeat signals from central access point. Repeated signals can be used for wireless clients that are over coverage from central access point.

AP Client: The AP client is only used for wired Ethernet ready equipment that needs to be connected to the central Access Point. It serves only one Ethernet ready client, not serve for LAN connection.

Q01: What are Telnet services?

The Telnet service is provided by the Access Point chipset Atheros that uses CLI commands to control functions of the Access Point.


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